Hello Art 110.. A little About Me

My name is Madison Braverman, I am a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. I am majoring in HIMG_2089uman Development and have a minor in Psychology. My goal in life is to make the world  abetter place than when I entered it so i think the best way to do that is by becoming a social worker, therapist or family marriage counselor. I play for the schools competitive travel club team, am apart of Delta Zeta and Beach Hillel. I love sunflowers, quotes and finding the joy in the most simplistic things in life. I know life is far from all rainbows and unicorns, but there is never a problem with looking at life with a glass that is half full. I have no idea what this semester has in store but I am hoping it is a very memorable one. I have started a blog which got shared to the class today. I am doing this as a new years goal, to take a photo and write a post everyday. I am a very outgoing person, but having my blog showed on the projector in a lecture hall of hundreds people I do not know was nerve racking. I hope everyone found some joy in it.  Now that  most have seen it here is the link : http://www.366daysofmaddybraverman.weebly.com. Have a exquisite day!

Maddy Braverman


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