Wk 2-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

Last Thursday instead of class I went to Seal Beach to do Art Experience 2 with some class mates. I am very happy I went during this time because there was over a dozen other students doing the project at the same time.  The last time I did any type of project like this was when I was in Middle School, when wax hands were “cool”. I didn’t know what to expect because multiple people prior to me had trouble, but the process was pretty easy. My whole hand did not come out, but impromptu my three middle fingers broke off in the sand to make a shaka hand symbol.  I found this awesome because this symbol represents the Hawaiian culture and is a term regularly used at the beach. I do not think I can adapt the actual activity to my life, other than maybe doing this with my children one day or recommending this activity at the summer camp I work at. On the other hand, I think being surrounded by new classmates and introducing oneself and finding commonalities was something everyone should apply to their lives. I was around so many people I did not know, even though we were there for the same reason. Due to this I found it important to go meet new people and start up random conversations, as well as talking with the professor and even getting a few photos in. I really enjoyed this activity and was grateful there were s many classmates there.

P.S. The iced tea was delicious!


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