Wk 3-Art Experience-Snapchat

Our art project this week, is very fitting for all of the students being apart of the millennial era. We were told to take photos on snapchat and draw all over them to enhance the photo in some way. My two photos are very different but still follow the directions. My first photo was inspired by the professors hair. He had a vibrant blue and pink color and the blue made me think of the ocean, therefore surrounding his head I drew and ocean scene with a surfer going down his wave/hair.My second photo was inspired by a sign my sorority and favorite fraternity  held up at the Basketball game last week captioned: Sports. I saw the sign hung up on my friends wall and thought how many different sports games this sign could be taken to so I drew a variety of sports I hope to attend and cheer on at our school.


I had to choose two classmates photos on snapchats as well. I chose Jayson Fields Super Bowl Snapchat because I thought it was creative and fitting for the weekend. Secondly I chose Dominique Gomez’s photo as it depicted flowers she drew in an empty vase. I am obsessed with flowers and feel people to often overlook the beauty of flowers, so that she drew different kinds of flowers in a vase was very amazing to me.


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