Wk 3- Classmate Conversation-Dominique Gomez

Thursday was the first day we had to go find a random classmate and find out about their life. This discussion was described  as a “Bar conversation that goes well”. By that the professor meant, when you first meet someone one always asks the same generic questions… What is your name? What is your major? How old are you? etc. But, to meet someone and connect on a more personal level, find out things such as where they want to travel to, what inspires them and what they enjoy doing creates a better connection and discussion. I went up to a girl Dominique and I am so happy I did, she is very shy but such a lovely soul. In the 20 -30 minutes we talked I found out a decent amount of information. Starting with the basics, as she is a 1st year at CSULB who commutes and is majoring in Biology. Dominique is 18 years old and is from garden Grove. After I asked her all of these, we started to play the game 20 questions. I asked her to describe herself in 3 words and she stated : shy, athletic and caring. Additionally, if she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to New Zealand, her favorite animal is a lion and her favorite type of food is Italian food!

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My favorite question I asked her was : What were the biggest differences between high school and college? She began to explain how in college, one can truly go a full day with out talking to a single person, where as in high school one talked to many people everyday. Likewise, in high school you know everyone because you grow up with them but in college you are constantly amongst endless strangers. I loved this question so much because I related to her response on a personal level. When I was in high school, I could go anywhere on campus and feel comfortable and talk to almost someone in every group, but that changed immensely when I entered college. There wasn’t that same sense of comfort and that was the hardest thing for both of us to adapt to. I found it amazing, I was able to connect with someone on a personal level so quickly.She is someone I will be excited to see in class and around campus from now on and she is such a beautiful person.




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