Wk 4-Art Experience-Graffiti Writing


This week we focused on the art graffiti. Growing up I never really understood the art aspect of graffiti, as my parents would describe it as someone defacing property most of the time! After learning about graffiti I realized many people express their creative ability through graffiti and I believe there should be more places people can legally do graffiti. Although I could not make a trip to Venice this weekend as I had work, I got cardboard and decided to spray paint my name. Spray painting was not as easy as I thought it would be. I tried doing an outline and everything but using the cans is tricky. My friend and I bought two contrasting colors so our names would really stick out. The task was fun and I hope one day I have the opportunity to go to Venice and practice some more. I truly gained a respect for how talented some artists are at spray painting and creating the beautiful graffiti pieces they do.


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