Wk 4-Classmate Conversation-Jamie Filosa

A simple hello could lead to a million things. For this weeks classmate conversation I decided to talk to a familiar face; Ms. Jamie Filosa and get to know her on a deeper level. She is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, but when I asked her what career she wants to pursue, she explained how she does not know but really doesn’t want to work a desk job. She is interested in working in the criminology field or with people who have PTSD. Additionally, Jamie is Vice President of Philanthropy in Delta Zeta sorority and takes her job very seriously. She is so passionate and loves what she does. I have heard Jamie really impacts her sorority for the better and is such a hard working and kind member.

Due to the fact Valentines Day is this weekend, I thought that would be the perfect topic and way to get to know Jamie better. Jamie’s Valentine this year is her boyfriend, who she has been with for two and a half years. Her boyfriend recently got a puppy so they plan on playing with her, getting breakfast together and going to see the movie “Deadpool”. Although she has a valentine, she believes Valentines Day is the stupidest excuse for a holiday. She thinks people should love and show appreciation to the people that are important to them every day of the year. I loved that she said that, because I totally agree. We both have the same idea and it was exquisite to relate on a personal level. Although, the holiday is cute and sappy, we believe people should not wait for once a year to show their love. I continued to ask her what love meant and she said love to her is unconditional, you can’t love someone half way. If you love someone you should make them a priority and do anything and everything you can to have their back and just be there. I thought her definition of love was very beautiful and I could relate her definition to how I feel about people I love in my life. Her dream date would be to go to Magic Kingdom in Disney World and spend the night in Cinderella’s Castle. Furthermore, her favorite love movie is “The Notebook”, even though she is bound to cry every time. Plus, she loves country songs that talk about love. Lastly I asked her if she had to give advice to anyone who may be feeling down on Valentines Day what would she say and she responded very eloquently. Jamie said she would tell them to not be sad! That Valentines Day is just a day for companies to make money off of people being in love. That someday they’ll find someone who will treat them well every day and not just on a dumb corporate made up holiday.


I am so glad I got to talk to Jamie this week. She is such a down to earth person and seems to spread love wherever she goes. Her boyfriend is definitely a lucky guy and I hope she had the best Valentines Day ever because she deserves it. If anyone sees Jamie around, you should get to know her. She is very friendly and is really a lovely human being! I look forward to learning more about her in the future and am grateful to call her a friend.


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