Wk5 – Classmate Discussion – Greg Dennis Plantenga

I have been in over 20 classes on this campus, but for the first time this class is actually in a sense “forcing” all of the students to talk and really meet someone and learn about their life. I didn’t know this classmate, and the idea that within less than 30 minutes, I am going to be able to write an essay on him is crazy. In college, most people go to class and leave class without making many friends or really meeting people. We only tend to surround ourselves with people in our circles or groups we are involved in, but this class goes against the college norm of class interaction and I am starting to really like that. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis. We started our conversation with the basic fundamental questions. He is a 2nd year majoring in Marketing. He has always been very passionate about music and loves playing the piano, but the sad reality of our society makes money essential, and finding a career within music is very difficult. Therefore, with marketing he hopes to get into sports or media advertising.  I found it very interesting that even though he has spent the majority of his life in Northern California (Livermore), and thinks Nor Cal has better vibes and is wonderful because that is his roots and family, he wants to end up living in Southern California. He said So Cal has better weather and makes him feel better all around. While talking to the professor we discussed how everyone needs an escape, something to do or somewhere to go when times are stressful or tough.  During those times he plays basketball and goes to the beach.  When I asked him his favorite quote he quickly said :“Good artists copy, great artists steal”. I love quotes, but have never hear this one prior. I perceived it as good artists deface what they take while great artists may steal the material but make it better and different. If one notices an amazing artist they find out exactly what he or she has done rather than  just copying what they think they have done. Dennis was a very laid back, amiable, and a well rounded guy. It will be nice to have yet another familiar face in the class and it is also remarkable that after such  short conversation I know so much about him.


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