Wk 6-Art Experience- Photo Walk

This week’s activity was a PhotoWalk around campus. As soon as I heard about the event, I knew I wanted to be a guide. I wanted to be a guide because I love people and don’t mind leading a group, as well as I hope to actually be a school tour guide one day. I lead the walk so I had a very different experience then my classmates. Instead of focusing on taking pictures and enjoying my surroundings, I was more focused on making sure everyone else was enjoying their walk as well as completing their tasks. I had a lot of fun showing students some of my favorite parts of campus. We went to my favorite CSULB sign which is behind the Language and Theatre Buildings closest to Bellflower st. From there I got my whole group on a campus shuttle to continue our tour at the Japanese Gardens. From there we proceeded to the Campus rebound Walter Pyramid! As I took or posed for each photograph I was trying to find good lighting, people I was happy to be surrounded by, smile as big as I could and take photos that I would be willing to publicly post in the future. I was the guide, so all I can say is I hope I did well. I really tried to interact with each person and make sure everyone was doing okay through out my whole tour. In the future I wish I was able to learn everyones names, because knowing people on a personal level can make a tour more personable. I think I did well, but that is not up to me to decide, I mainly hope everyone else enjoyed their walk. I loved how I showed some students places of the school they have never seen before. Overall, this was a great and gratifying experience!


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