WK 7- Classmate Discussion- Jayson Fields

This week I decided to do a classmate conversation with a familiar face Mr. Jayson Kyle Fields. Jayson is a second year majoring in Athletic Training. With this major he hopes to become an athletic trainer for either a college or a professional sports team. The reason he chose CSULB was because it’s close to his home and the University has one of the best Athletic Training programs. Jayson and I have played Volleyball together for 2 years now, so I wanted to ask him some thought provoking questions to learn more about him. I asked him what animal represents him and why? He explained how he believed he was best represented by a Lion because a lion is known as a leader and he considers himself a leader, because in sports, when someone needs to take charge on a play and step up, he always wants to be that person who faces the pressure as he is not afraid of the challenge. When asked what makes him happy he said being with the people he cares about and playing sports makes him the happiest. On the other hand,  what makes him  angry is losing or  not reaching the goals he sets for himself. Plus, what makes him nervous is speaking in public. I ended with the question What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self? He said he would tell himself to be more outgoing, and when things get hard, just battle through it. Additionally, he would tell his younger self to “push more in sports because you are capable of being a lot better than what h am today. Just put in that extra work and you’ll make it.” Jayson is such an awesome guy, and I hope everyone gets the chance to meet himScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.29.25 PM.png


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