Wk 8-Classmate Discussion-Haley Anderson

Today I decided to get to know a beautiful individual in my soroIMG_9206.JPGrity a little bit better. Haley Anderson is a  sophomore Pre Nursing major at CSULB and just applied to the Nursing program. She eventually wants to get her masters and become a pediatric nurse practitioner. When asked 5 things on her college bucket list she said…

1. Get a 4.0

2. Party at other colleges

3. Go to Coachella

4. Get into the Nursing Program

5. Get a Boyfriend

Additionally, when asked how to have the best experience in college she recommended everyone to join greek life. She is a member in the Delta Zeta sorority! Go out and have fun you only get to experience being young and in college onceI continued to ask her what she likes and dislikes the most about attending CSULB, she said she loves the trees around campus the most because they make the school very beautiful. On the contrary, she dislikes how there isn’t a Greek row and no football or mens soccer team.After hearing all this I was curious why she truly chose CSULB and she said the schools nursing program was amazing as well as the environment was really nice. She loved how the school was far from home so she could get the full college experience of moving away.If she had the opportunity she would definitely recommend the school. Haley is such a kind, fun-loving, grounded person and I am happy to have gotten to know her on a deeper level, and hope to create more memories in the future.


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