Wk 10-Art Experience-Instagram

This week for our art experience we had to use my favorite app Instagram. Instagram is a very cool app because people are able to share their life through photographs. I like this because even though people and moments do not last forever, photographs do. On Thursday I posted four photos throughout the day. I posted a photo with my morning coffee cup, 2 photos from the art museum and one of a wall in my room which I like.  Instead of just taking photos of the art or the coffee cup I tried to take each photo in an artistic way. After looking at our classes giant group selfie, of all of our posts together, it was very fascinating to see even though there were over 500 photos, every photo was different in some way. Due to the fact most students went to the museums on Thursday, that was the one commonality of all many students posts. I thought our group selfie really embodied a class full of unique individuals which I loved. Fun art experience to incorporate such a frequent used app. Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.31.57 PM.png


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