Wk 10-Classmate Discussion-Devon Carus

IMG_3047                 This week I had the honor of meeting such an awesome classmate, Devon Carus. I have spoken with him a few times prior this semester but I was happy I got to get to know him on a deeper level. Although he has a set major in Marketing, if money wasn’t an issue he said he would love to pursue music and poetry. I asked him what he had planned for his Spring Break and he said he may drive up to Big Sur with a friend. He also works at Jersey Mikes which will take up some of his Spring Break time as well. When discussing dream Spring Breaks he said he would love to surf in Hawaii, as he has never been there and they have some of the best waves. Our conversations went very naturally and smoothly and it was nice having random similar beliefs such as; we both believe if someone dresses nice they feel nice. Additionally, we both love writing things down, because we both believe that there is such a satisfaction in crossing something off a list after it has been completed. Additionally, he asked me the question “ If I had no plans, no obligations and nothing to do what is the firs thing that comes to mind of something I would want to do?” I said to spend time with people I love, he said he first would want to have a bite of an avocado then spend time with those he loves. Personally I love avocado, but I was very fascinated that  avocados came to his mind first. Devon is so laid back, well rounded and talented, I look forward to hearing about his Spring Break adventures and hope he makes me avocado toast one day.


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