Wk 12- Classmate Discussion-Danielle Dallas

This week I decided to interview the honorary student of the class Danielle Marie Dallas. Danielle was my freshmen dorm roommate at CSULB. Her and I were complete strangers just a little over 2 years ago, and now we know one another very well. Although we lived just 3 feet apart for a year and spend multiple days a week together I believe there are always new things to learn about a person. IMG_4275

I asked her questions that I honestly have never asked her before and found all of her answers fascinating. When I asked her What personality traits do you look for in a friend and in a significant other? She continued to tell me she looks for someone with a strong sense of humor. Danielle is someone who is very funny and witty therefore most of her interactions involves some form of humor. She goals to surround herself with people who can reciprocate that wittiness. Danielle and I have truly gone through the last year and half of college together , so I was really curious to find out 5 goals on her life’s to-do list?

  1.   To Travel the world
  2. Graduate College
  3. Become a successful business person
  4. 100% support her parents
  5. Become completely happy with the person she is and to spread joy and happiness to everyone and everything around her.

Many people regret things they do in life, so I asked her if there is something she regrets? She told me she tries not to use the word “regret” because it’s a term that she believes has a very negative connotation. Danielle said something she looks back on and wishes she could maybe ‘change’ rather, is how long it took her to become somebody who speaks for themselves and doesn’t let the opinions of others bother them. I loved that she said that because personally I do not believe in regretting either and love seeing how much she has grown as an individual in the past year.

I have to say I believe living in the dorms  has had the biggest influence on my college career thus far. Danielle was a big part of this reason, so I thought asking her questions about Dorming would be applicable.I asked, What advice do you have for someone looking for a roommate? The advice she would give somebody looking for a roommate is to keep an open mind. Everyone will encounter many different types of people and some you will connect with while others you won’t. Don’t discredit yourself if you don’t find somebody right away. College will bring a plethora of new people into your life; there is at least one person you are bound to connect with so don’t get discouraged! Personally I loved forming, and think it should be mandatory for all freshmen, so I asked her if she thought dorming freshman year was beneficial?

She 100% believes that dorming was extremely beneficial. Without dorming she would not have met the girls who make up one of my immediate friend groups and without dorming I feel that I would not have had the true first year college experience that I think everybody should have. Living together on a floor with 60+ other girls really teaches you a lot and a sense of community begins to form.

When asked, What did you learn from having a roommate? She said to go from living in a home where you know how everything works and how everyone operates to suddenly being uprooted and put in a completely new environment with somebody who is virtually a stranger to you is somewhat of a shock. From having a roommate I learned that a lot of things are compromise. This process taught me how to live with somebody even though we had differences here and there. It showed me how quickly a stranger can go from being just that, a stranger, to somebody who is a friend and basically a new family member, and it taught me how much you can learn about somebody and how many memories can be made in just 9 months in a 8 x10 room.

I ended asking if she liked her freshman roommate, ( even though I was the freshmen rooomate) She said I was awful and then admitted she was kidding and said she loved me and we will be forever roomies!

There is truly no one else I would have wanted to live in an 8 by 10 box with, adventure with, or spend my every Tuesday/Thursday with. I am grateful DD decided to be an honorary student and it is an honor to watch her excel in a class she is not getting graded in.


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