Wk 13-Classmate Discussion-Destiny Farihi

This week I was fortunate enough to meet Destiny Farihi. She is majoring in Chemistry, which I admire her for because I hate chemistry with a passion. She is a hard working student and makes a school a priority in her life. When I asked her what she likes about chemistry she said she likes Chemistry because everything around us has something to do with it. Everything has molecules and everything works because of chemistry. She chose it as her major because she wants to eventually go into pharmacy and work in a hospital where her mom works as a nurse.

IMG_5075She is also very involved in school as she is on the schools Division 1 Competitive Cheer team and her favorite part of being a school cheerleader is being able to be involved in such a large school like Long Beach. Destiny has made so many new friends and memories she knows she’ll never forget as a cheerleader. I loved when she told me there is  really an amazing feeling, being on the floor at a huge basketball game in the pyramid, something that doesn’t really compare to anything else!! I can see what an amazing cheer program we have here through her and know the importance of being involved.

When I asked Destiny to tell me fun facts about herself I was most interested to find out she has done gymnastics for 12 years, has children size 3 shoe size, addicted to the show the Office on Netflix and her absolute favorite thing in the world is adventures. Additionally, her biggest pet peeve is when people eat or drink loudly and she is horrified of feet. She is so kind and well rounded and I think anyone would be lucky to call her a friend.



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