Wk 8- Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This weeks art experience was unique and something I have never done before. I honestly thought when told to do automatic drawing, nothing would really happen. I did this project with my roommate who also happens to be my best friend so sitting there in silence holding a pencil we busted out laughing. This took multiple tries till we actually relaxed and noticed movement. Afterwards, we were only able to take a selfie, as our other roommate was not home. Overall a very interesting experience!


Wk 8-Classmate Discussion-Haley Anderson

Today I decided to get to know a beautiful individual in my soroIMG_9206.JPGrity a little bit better. Haley Anderson is a  sophomore Pre Nursing major at CSULB and just applied to the Nursing program. She eventually wants to get her masters and become a pediatric nurse practitioner. When asked 5 things on her college bucket list she said…

1. Get a 4.0

2. Party at other colleges

3. Go to Coachella

4. Get into the Nursing Program

5. Get a Boyfriend

Additionally, when asked how to have the best experience in college she recommended everyone to join greek life. She is a member in the Delta Zeta sorority! Go out and have fun you only get to experience being young and in college onceI continued to ask her what she likes and dislikes the most about attending CSULB, she said she loves the trees around campus the most because they make the school very beautiful. On the contrary, she dislikes how there isn’t a Greek row and no football or mens soccer team.After hearing all this I was curious why she truly chose CSULB and she said the schools nursing program was amazing as well as the environment was really nice. She loved how the school was far from home so she could get the full college experience of moving away.If she had the opportunity she would definitely recommend the school. Haley is such a kind, fun-loving, grounded person and I am happy to have gotten to know her on a deeper level, and hope to create more memories in the future.

Wk 7-Artist Conversation- Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramic, Raw Clay, Cement,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com

Instagram: Adrea Williammms


This week there were many galleries to view, but as I walked into the first one which had big ceramic and cement amazing pieces on the wall, I knew which artist I wanted to write about. Luckily, the artist was sitting outside at the table alone, so I had the opportunity and honor to introduce myself and ask her a bunch of questions one on one. Andrea is an undergraduate student in the school of Ceramics at CSULB. She was born and raised in Riverside California. Art and music has always been apart of her life, but when she reached her 20’s her husband told her to finally choose a major and she went with Ceramics.  Prior to choosing ceramics, she was in a band and has played the drums since she was 12 years old. Her main interests are her child, and all of her animals at home (pigs, dogs and chickens). Her work explores sacrifice; which parallels to her own personal life, as she has to sacrifice her faith, motherhood and work during her life.

Her work is textural loose, gestural and very hand made. I loved how she told me she never tries to smooth out her finger prints on any of her work as everything she creates is very hands on and her finger prints resemble that. The main repetition in all of her pieces is that she focuses on texture and gesture. She uses many materials, but she explained how the majority of her work is 50% ceramic, while the other 50% is made from cement. In order to add color to her pieces she uses mason paint!

All of her work explores a lot of ideas and concepts. Andrea’s work encompasses religiosity; a particular type of faith. A faith of a a woman and everything a woman has to sacrifice, such as her time and body. She is trying to explore the idea that woman sacrifice so much in the religious world.

Andrea and I had a very good genuine conversation. I respected what an amazing artist she was, but even more how humble she was. I loved her concept of Sacrifice. I am not a very religious person, therefore I didn’t understand nor relate to the religious aspects of her work, but the concept of women sacrifice I did. There are so many times in a woman’s life where she has to make sacrifices, and I think that is something usually overlooked in life and in art.

Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video Activity

Videos and films have had big impact on our society! Many people get a visual perspective of ideas, concepts, music, and books through different types of videos. My group and I decided to recreate a classic theme song to the popular childhood show “SpongeBob Squarepants”. We went around  to a few locations on campus to film the video. The experience was very fun, but really made me realize how there are so many different steps that go into a video from location to lighting, to choreography, to placements, to editing and more. If we were to do this again I think we should plan everything out a little more. Our whole video was planned in a short time and we explored campus to find settings we thought were fitting, rather than choosing exact settings and having everything planned out prior to arriving at the location. Overall, making this video was fun, enjoyable  and very eventful! I think this video activity went so well because of my group. My group was down for anything and we all really collaborated well!

OUR LINK : https://vimeo.com/157668506

WK 7- Classmate Discussion- Jayson Fields

This week I decided to do a classmate conversation with a familiar face Mr. Jayson Kyle Fields. Jayson is a second year majoring in Athletic Training. With this major he hopes to become an athletic trainer for either a college or a professional sports team. The reason he chose CSULB was because it’s close to his home and the University has one of the best Athletic Training programs. Jayson and I have played Volleyball together for 2 years now, so I wanted to ask him some thought provoking questions to learn more about him. I asked him what animal represents him and why? He explained how he believed he was best represented by a Lion because a lion is known as a leader and he considers himself a leader, because in sports, when someone needs to take charge on a play and step up, he always wants to be that person who faces the pressure as he is not afraid of the challenge. When asked what makes him happy he said being with the people he cares about and playing sports makes him the happiest. On the other hand,  what makes him  angry is losing or  not reaching the goals he sets for himself. Plus, what makes him nervous is speaking in public. I ended with the question What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self? He said he would tell himself to be more outgoing, and when things get hard, just battle through it. Additionally, he would tell his younger self to “push more in sports because you are capable of being a lot better than what h am today. Just put in that extra work and you’ll make it.” Jayson is such an awesome guy, and I hope everyone gets the chance to meet himScreen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.29.25 PM.png

Wk 6-Art Experience- Photo Walk

This week’s activity was a PhotoWalk around campus. As soon as I heard about the event, I knew I wanted to be a guide. I wanted to be a guide because I love people and don’t mind leading a group, as well as I hope to actually be a school tour guide one day. I lead the walk so I had a very different experience then my classmates. Instead of focusing on taking pictures and enjoying my surroundings, I was more focused on making sure everyone else was enjoying their walk as well as completing their tasks. I had a lot of fun showing students some of my favorite parts of campus. We went to my favorite CSULB sign which is behind the Language and Theatre Buildings closest to Bellflower st. From there I got my whole group on a campus shuttle to continue our tour at the Japanese Gardens. From there we proceeded to the Campus rebound Walter Pyramid! As I took or posed for each photograph I was trying to find good lighting, people I was happy to be surrounded by, smile as big as I could and take photos that I would be willing to publicly post in the future. I was the guide, so all I can say is I hope I did well. I really tried to interact with each person and make sure everyone was doing okay through out my whole tour. In the future I wish I was able to learn everyones names, because knowing people on a personal level can make a tour more personable. I think I did well, but that is not up to me to decide, I mainly hope everyone else enjoyed their walk. I loved how I showed some students places of the school they have never seen before. Overall, this was a great and gratifying experience!

Wk 5-Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

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Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join To form Single Entity

Media: Copper, Steel, Silver, Fire, Saw, Hammer and Sand Paper

Gallery: CSULB School of Art: Gatov Gallery East

Website: No Website

Instagram: whipperton

This week the art exhibit consisted of pieces from over 30 artists, but I was fortunate enough to have the honor of meeting and interviewing Kristi Jensen. Jensen is such a down to earth woman. Although Kristi started as a sculpture major,she realized she was not into conceptual art. She is currently an Under Graduate student at CSULB, hoping to graduate in the school of Art in the Metals and Jewelry BFA program. Jensen likes metal very much, as she believes they are easier to manipulate.  She grew up moving a lot and even attended 10 different elementary schools. When asked what ideas her work explores, she really did not have an answer as she explained all of her pieces are classroom assignments. She doesn’t watch much television, but loves to cook, read, knit, drink red wine and hang out with her husband and dogs. Kristi Jensen is different than most other students in her program as she is a returning student and older than most.

Kristi Jensen and I talked about her formal qualities for a few minutes and I found it interesting that although she is a remarkable artist she doesn’t believe in the “art talk”. At first she did not believe all of her work was cohesive but then another artist came and observed all of her work and made her realize there was a curvilinear sweeping gesture through each piece of  art. All of Jensen’s pieces range in size, as she thinks a piece any size can be a beautiful piece of art. Kristi Jensen’s pieces have a very clean and smooth  finish and almost all of her work has curvilinear lines or shaping. She loves working with metals. Jensen most commonly uses copper as it is cheap and soft. Additionally, on occasion she uses steel and loves to use silver, but that is difficult because it is so expensive. Kristi told me how she uses all of her spare money on tools because to create great art, one needs an array of tools. The 2 most common tools she uses are hammers and saws. Plus, she always need fire to help bend and shape the metals.

Kristi Jensen’s pieces along with all the other artists pieces were class assignments so there was no inner inspiration.  I asked what makes her different from the other artists, and she explained how she is known for always having her work turned in on time. Furthermore, she is known for having a “corky” color palette. She mainly uses blue and lime green and orange.  There is nothing Kristi Jensen does not like about metal. She said “It is Badass, you work with fire” and she recommends it to everyone. Her dream is to find a living doing something with metal while making money. Her and I both found it very ironic that she makes a lot of jewelry but rarely wears any. Jensen told me how she is very bad at naming any of her pieces and goals to work on finding a purpose in every piece she creates too.

Personally, I really enjoyed this exhibit. The Title Fuse: Join To form Single Entity , really embodies the fact that 30-40 artists all created pieces to fill one exhibit. All the pieces were very different but complimented each other very well. I think metal is so interesting as one can keep re-burning it and shaping the piece to get a new look. The artist explained how it is very satisfying to finish a piece and although I am not an artist I could relate to the feeling. Additionally, Kristi talked about how she was driven by the process and I think that relates to life as people are driven by the journey rather than the final destination. Over all I really enjoyed this weeks artist discussion are art exhibit.

Wk5-Art Experience- DIY

Since I was a little girl I have loved fashion. Since I can remember I was trying to make and create my own clothes and outfits. Till this day I love thrifting and think one can truly express their individuality through what they wear. I went home to my parents house this weekend and went through bags of lost and found. I got a bunch of different old items that were going to be given away, with the plan to cut them up and make them something new. In these photos I took a red simple sweater, cut off the sleeves, added a v-neck and fringes. Next I took a very old beach cover up dress and cut the top half to make the dress a crop top and cut the straps to give the shirt a criss cross back. Style is truly a way to say who you are, without having to say a word. This weeks project was a lot of fun and proves that “Ones mans trash is another mans come up”.

Wk5 – Classmate Discussion – Greg Dennis Plantenga

I have been in over 20 classes on this campus, but for the first time this class is actually in a sense “forcing” all of the students to talk and really meet someone and learn about their life. I didn’t know this classmate, and the idea that within less than 30 minutes, I am going to be able to write an essay on him is crazy. In college, most people go to class and leave class without making many friends or really meeting people. We only tend to surround ourselves with people in our circles or groups we are involved in, but this class goes against the college norm of class interaction and I am starting to really like that. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis. We started our conversation with the basic fundamental questions. He is a 2nd year majoring in Marketing. He has always been very passionate about music and loves playing the piano, but the sad reality of our society makes money essential, and finding a career within music is very difficult. Therefore, with marketing he hopes to get into sports or media advertising.  I found it very interesting that even though he has spent the majority of his life in Northern California (Livermore), and thinks Nor Cal has better vibes and is wonderful because that is his roots and family, he wants to end up living in Southern California. He said So Cal has better weather and makes him feel better all around. While talking to the professor we discussed how everyone needs an escape, something to do or somewhere to go when times are stressful or tough.  During those times he plays basketball and goes to the beach.  When I asked him his favorite quote he quickly said :“Good artists copy, great artists steal”. I love quotes, but have never hear this one prior. I perceived it as good artists deface what they take while great artists may steal the material but make it better and different. If one notices an amazing artist they find out exactly what he or she has done rather than  just copying what they think they have done. Dennis was a very laid back, amiable, and a well rounded guy. It will be nice to have yet another familiar face in the class and it is also remarkable that after such  short conversation I know so much about him.

Wk 4-Artist Conversation-Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, Spray Paint, Wood Panels, Steal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

This week I had the honor of meeting and talking to the artist personally. He recently graduated from his Ceramics Under Graduate program at CSULB in Fall 2015. With the goal of getting to know the artist on a more persona level, I asked him to tell me some fun facts about himself and his back round. I was very grateful I asked this question, as I found out what an interesting and amazing individual he is. He told me at one point in his life he was working in a studio for 14-16 hours a day, and was barely home, so he ended up living in his car while working in the studio for a little over three years. I found this remarkable as it showed how passionate Samuel was about his artwork. I also found out he loves to read all types of books, especially comic books. Samuel talked about how he loves bike riding and biking helps him because when he is doing art for hours at a time he tends to get locked up within his own head. Additionally, two more fun facts I learned about Samuel, was that he loves chocolate donuts and collects pens that write well. Overall, his main interests in life are ceramics and reading.

Samuel’s work is one of a kind.  All of his art work were beautiful sculptures. I asked Samuel to describe his art work and he only said two words : “giant toys”. All of his pieces had beautiful curvature and those that did have color were bright, vibrant and fun. He said he uses a specific type of German spray paint he buys in Compton to get a perfect finishing touch and color. He mainly uses ceramics but to add height and stability to some of his pieces he also uses wood and steal. All of his sculptures were  smooth and had a clean finished look.

Samuel said the whole gallery took him about 4 months. He had a variety of sculptures and each piece was individually unique and special.  His work explores alienation, loneliness and belonging. He said “I would never find work I did not find funny and absurd”. He explained to me how absurdity moves people while logic does not. His work really embodies oversized fun toys for children. He intended for viewers to look at his work and reminisce on their childhood when times were simple and toys were always fun to have and play with. His work combines two contrasting concepts of alienation and belonging by creating toys that would have been left by their owner, as well as toys that every child loves and plays with regularly. The artist made all of his work very thought provoking and spoke about each piece very eloquently.

Personally, I loved Samuel’s exhibit! I thought his work was very captivating. I genuinely loved talking to the artist, as he was a very down to earth guy. I also really appreciated how humble of an artist he was for the impeccable sculptures he created. Furthermore, I really liked the meaning behind his whole exhibit. I found it very fascinating that he was trying to create big toys while combining the concepts of loneliness and belonging. There have been so many toys over the years that have been thrown away or not really played with, so that he took some of these toys and put a twist on them to make them belong and make them alluring was remarkable. I think the concepts he used relate to everyones life in one way or another because people want a sense of belonging, but at times everyone has felt alienation as well. I appreciate how the artist chose very relatable and impactful topics to explore in his sculptures. Overall, the artist was very likable and his exhibit was admirable.